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Self-Publishing Solution is a service we created to help authors who will not be on our roster or who are looking to take the self-publishing route to bring their book to life, despite what phase their book is in. It is a solution to give direction to the many people with a burning desire to write a book; yet are afraid and helpless in terms of how to make it happen.

How it works: Schedule a consultation (First 30 minutes free), deliver the manuscript, production, then distribution.


Aspiring authors will be assigned a Publishing Consultant whose goal will be to get to know you, your book, and your publishing goals. They will provide guidance to get your book done up until it’s done.


Once manuscript is completed, the next phase will be bringing the book to life. A member of our creative team will assist you in the process of turning the manuscript into a book. This process consists of creating a book cover, editing, formatting and printing. Professional advice and guidance will be given and proper steps will be taken to make your book a complete product.


Upon the completion of the book, a member of our team will help you get your book listed where readers can find it. This process will make your book available for sale. Listing includes, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Ebook and other notable channels.

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