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Why Jeanius publishing?

Unique Marketing

Jeanius Publishing strives to remain progressive with the times. Our focus is to use this digital era to our advantage. We have perfected a system different from traditional publishers that will help our authors excel in ways never thought of before.

The Author comes first

As a successful self-published author, Founder Pierre Alex Jeanty, understands how difficult it can be for writers to get started, get the right information and the necessary resources. Therefore, the focus of this company is to guide the author into whatever path is right for them whether joining our team or using our expertise to give birth to the beautiful story inside of them.

What you deserve

We are in business to sell books, not to take advantage of authors’ creativity to fill up our pockets. We allow our authors to have complete, creative freedom while collecting high royalties.

Featured Self Published Authors

Jude Paul

“Dream, Dare, Do: A Guide To Exploring The Kidpreneur In Us All” is a guide to teaching and encouraging entrepreneurship for kids aged 7-17. Jude is passionate about inspiring and educating our future business leaders about the ins and outs of owning a business. He utilizes personal experiences to tell a story about how he started a business when he was only 13. What makes “Dream, Dare, Do” different from the other kid business books is that Jude features several successful Kidpreneurs that have started and grown their own business; many of which were on Shark Tank. This book is filled with motivational nuggets that will teach anyone that owning a business IS possible.

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