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Self-Publishing Solution is a service created to help authors who are not on our roster, or who are looking to take the self-publishing route, bring their book to life despite the phase they are at in the process.

It is an opportunity to give direction to the many people with the burning desire to write a book, but who are unsure and uninformed in terms of how to make it happen.

Solution Steps:


The purpose of the consultation is to assess and educate. This process allows us to establish a foundation with the hopeful-author, and plan accordingly to help get things done. Consultations can sometimes be the last step of preparation for those who simply need direction and are well equipped to do things on their own.

You will secure an appointment with Pierre Jeanty, whose goal will be to get to know you, your book, and your publishing goals.

*Consultation fees are NON-refundable,  and are conducted in our office or via phone.*
Manuscript Review

We revise the manuscript as we would for one of our authors, and provide helpful feedback for the author to improve their work and thus enhance their chances of success.


Our team takes the necessary steps to bring the book to life. This includes editing, cover design, formatting, and a proof copy of the final product. This step officially makes the writer an author. (We can also provide additional proof copies)

Distribution & Marketing

Now that the book is completed, our team will help the author establish themselves in the right places to build their reader community. We will provide strategic and organized plans to help the author find and navigate their most promising paths.

Each section of our solution can be inquired about separately. We understand that aspiring authors will all be at varying levels, therefore opening more doors for us to be able to help.

The first hour consultation fee will serve as a deposit for those who are looking for more than just instruction, but a peace of mind as we help to make this dream come true.

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